Favorite Baby Gear || Covered Goods Nursing Cover

February 1, 2016

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Covered Goods Nursing Cover  Covered Goods Nursing Cover  Covered Goods Nursing Cover  Covered Goods Nursing Cover   Covered Goods Nursing Cover

Covered Goods Nursing Cover Covered Goods Nursing Cover Covered Goods Nursing Cover

Favorite Baby Gear || Covered Goods Nursing Cover

Favorite Baby Gear – Covered Goods Nursing Cover 

About – Today our first feature is on a favorite baby gear items the Covered Goods Nursing cover. I have nursed my Indie girl since day one, but I didn’t purchase the Covered Goods Nursing Cover until Indie was about 8 months. First off that was the worst mistake. The Nursing cover helps in so many public situations, like SOOO many.

  • Nursing Cover – Nursing in public can be really hard when your baby is squirming, it’s hot out and also when you don’t have something solid to lean up against. That is what makes the Covered Goods so ideal. The fabric is so breathable and lightweight making it perfect for feeding in any season and temperature. With the fabric being so stretchy it works great for a squirmy baby, so you stay covered. When I first nursed I would cover up with a swaddle blanket. I would throw the blanket over my head to get Indie all situated looking like a crazy person. The swaddle didn’t cover my back either, and I would get really self conscious about my back hanging out. The nursing cover has an opening in the top and covers both the front and back. It is so small and compact making it a must have in my diaper bag, not only for nursing but you can use it as a carseat cover, shopping cart cover, scarf. I have even used mine in the restaurant high chairs.
  • Carseat Cover – I love the stretch of the fabric so that it can be also be used to cover the carseat. I have other carseat covers that attach to the carseat handle but they feel to chunky and get in the way when I put the handle down. I don’t always need them attached to the carseat either so the small compact size means I can always carry it with me and put it on when it’s needed. Our family lives in Utah with some crazy Utah storms. Whenever we get caught in them or just a freezing winter day the Covered Goods gets used.
  • Shopping Cart Cover – When Indie first started sitting up in the shopping cart she would want to suck on the shopping cart which is disgusting!! I know how germy the carts are so I knew I needed something to keep her mouth off of them. The Covered Goods is so simple and easy to use. You just stretch it over the cart and you have a clean place for your babe to sit and a nice surface to lean against.
  • Scarf – All of the Covered Goods fabrics are spot on! You can’t go wrong with any of them. They have one for every gender, style, so I know you could find one that fits you. With all of the cute, neutral fabrics you could wear your Covered Goods as a scarf making it even easier to use at any time. I personally don’t wear it, but not because it isn’t cute. While holding, feeding, and playing with my babe it just isn’t convenient and gets in the way to wear all the time.


Where to Connect – you can buy a covered goods HERE. – $34.99

  • My Covered Goods is design is HERE.

Rating – 5 out of 5

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    Thank you for a lovely review! Your little Indie is adorable!!!

  • Reply Bre February 1, 2016 at 5:56 PM

    Looks like I need a covered goods cover for this next baby!!

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