Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review

July 21, 2017

Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review 
Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review  Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review

Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review

Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review

Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review

Lost My Name Keepsake Book Review

Lost My Name Keepsake Book || Review

About – Lost my name is personalized baby book, I seriously think it is genius. The books title is Lost my Name and the story is to find your child’s/children’s name. I love having these sweet books and will continue to get my children these books as we have more. They also have a spot up front to right something to your child so it really can be such a keepsake book for those littles of yours.

Look/Quality – We got Indie and Wes the Hardcover Lost my Name book, I wanted them as keepsake books for them so I wanted them to be able to handle Indie’s Toddler reading right now but be able to have for a long time to come. They have helped up so well besides the beating up they have gotten from reading so often and taking them on vacation with us. (reading before bed every night) They are so bright and fun to read and the way the book leads you to finding each of your children’s name is just pure genius. We love our Lost My Name books.


  • Pick Book
  • Type Name
  • Pick Language
  • Pick Gender/Character
  • Preview
  • Pick Format
    • Soft Cover
    • Hardcover
    • Soft Cover Keepsake
    • Deluxe

We ordered the Hardcover book

  • You write a dedication to your little one
  • Buy

It is a super easy and fun process personalizing the book for each of your little ones

Where to Buy – Lost My Name

Price – $24.99 and up

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